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Rescued | Restored | Repurposed

Benny's Vintage Rescue is a source of vintage, unique gifts and collectibles created from vintage textiles, once treasured items that have been long forgotten.

Historic textiles and vintage accessories and fur from the 1950s and earlier are used in our vintage collectibles.


As an avid collector and restorer of anything vintage, rescue animals are no different to me . You could say my beloved Toy Fox Terrier, "Benny." was my original vintage animal rescue.

Abandoned and forgotten at the age of 10, Benny found new life, love, and purpose with me and my family of humans and other vintage rescue pets.

Many of my offerings use abandoned and forgotten items and are comprised of repurposed mid-century natural fur and accessories. 

A portion of the proceeds from sales on this website will benefit the Verona Animal Shelter in Rochester, NY. allocated to assist and improve the lives of other "vintage rescue animals". 

 - Mary Z., owner

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